Oriental Rug Maintenance: Caring for Your Persian Rug

The purpose of this article is to discuss how to take care of your fine area rug. Handmade oriental rugs are known for their lifelong durability so thankfully Persian rugs are low maintenance. However, there are few things to take note of to be certain that your new wool rug remains in mint condition.

Keep It Clean

First, the obvious note is to keep your handmade rug clean. Regular vacuuming will keep dust from settling and maintain your oriental rug’s vibrant colors. Be careful not to vacuum your rug’s fringes as they are delicate and can be pulled out. Any stains or spills must be attended to immediately. Leaving a rug dirty can lead to stains sinking into its fibers, and becoming difficult to remove later. The best practice for stains and spills is to blot, NOT rub the area. Pet stains tend to be the most common need for rug cleaning and unfortunately they are the worst type. If unsure how to wash or clean your oriental rug, please contact us because professional assistance is usually necessary to prevent further damage to your rug. We are rug doctors that can treat your rugs with natural shampoos, conditioners and expert techniques to clean the way it will protect other colors from blending.  

The Sun

The second note is regarding your rug’s most notorious enemy = The Sun. Whether your fine area rug is naturally dyed, or synthetically dyed, over time the sun’s power has the ability to fade the colors of your oriental rug. Be aware of this if your rug is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, the Sun can damage and fade the colors of your handmade rug over time. If rug fading is a concern for you, then it would be wise to monitor your rug periodically to see if this is a problem. We recommend using curtains over your windows to block the sun to ensure your rug remains undamaged. If your area rug has color fading due to sun damage, contact us to see how we can help restore it.

Long Term Use

My final note is about the long term use and storage of oriental rugs. The most delicate parts of a fine oriental rug are its fringes/tassels and binding edges. With high traffic use, the edges and rug fringes tend to be the most frequently damaged areas of an oriental rug. Depending on how severe the damage, rug damage can be an expensive problem to repair. It is important to properly care for your area rug if you want it to be passed down for generations. We specialize in any type of oriental rug repair and restoration, so please contact us for more information if your handmade rug needs a doctor. Finally, if in need of rug storage for a period of time, we can handle the task. Stored rugs may sometimes be victims of moths. We recommend that if you decide to store a handmade rug yourself, then wrap the rug before storage with heavy paper or plastic so it is impenetrable by moths or water. Moths and water damage tend to be the most common problems that may arise during rug storage.