What Makes Handmade Rugs Better?

There are many reasons Handmade silk or wool rugs are better than machine made plastic rugs. One of the most important reasons are that every handmade rug is a work of art. Each handmade rug is an individual woven piece that one or several skilled weavers spend seasons to a year creating.

Another reason hand made rugs are better is simply from the durability and longevity that handmade wool rugs provide. Every Persian rug is a unique one of a kind heirloom that may be passed down for generations. Handmade rugs are made of all natural fibers such as wool and silk, making them more durable than machine made rugs that are typically made with plastics and glue/adhesives.

It is important to remember that Handmade rugs are chemical free because they are not made of synthetic fibers. Persian rugs are 100% organic and will not harm you family’s health as many machine made rugs could. The reason for this is that the synthetic fibers in machine made rugs contain toxins that can cause allergies or skin reactions for people with sensitive skin. This makes handmade Persian rugs the perfect choice for someone with sensitive skin issues. 

Handwoven rugs are able to be cleaned every 1-3 years while the average machine made carpet must be replaced every couple years. It makes more sense to invest in a high quality rug because the cost to replace a machine made carpet is similar to the cost of cleaning a genuine handmade wool rug. This allows families the ability to enjoy the same rug for decades rather than replacing every few years. 

The final reason to choose a handmade Persian rug is that genuine silk and wool rugs are becoming rare as the weaving profession is decreasing in number. This means that over time the price of rugs will appreciate because this type of craftsmanship is becoming a dying art. Persian rugs have stood as great investments over the last 100 years and they will only increase over generations. A high quality Persian rug brings a home soul and intricate beauty that no other rug can provide.